A Little Taste

Kimchi and pickles 3

Martin house pickle beer cheese, chicken biscuit crackers, honey 5

Miso glazed bacon 7

Larger Stuff

Smoked salmon toast, birdie mayo, everything spice, cured yolk, capers, arugula 11

Kimchi yeast waffle, praline cane syrup, crispy thigh & wing, salted butter and pepper sauce 12

The BEC, braised bacon, egg, american cheese, kimchi sauce, steamed buns 9

Crispy chicken salad, deviled eggs, cheddar, scallion, cucumber, peanut butter crackers, cheesey ranch 10

Bread pudding french toast, peanut butter cane syrup and fried peanuts 9

Katsu chicken fried chicken and eggs, crispy garlic home fries, peppered bulldog gravy 12 

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