A little taste

Kimchi and pickles 3

KO Corn, kewpie mayo, furikake 6

Stuffed eggs, korean chili, dill 6

Queso, gochujang, cilantro, koritos 8


The closed on Sunday bun, fried chicken, pickles 5  

K Town Wings, korean sticky, lime, sesame+funyun crunch 8

Chicken littles, Nugs Fried & tossed in buttermilk powder 7

The Night Ninja, nashville hot, super slaw deluxe, birdie mayo, kewpie toast 10

Crispy chicken salad, deviled eggs, cheddar, scallion, cucumber, peanut butter crackers, cheesey ranch 10

Sauces- cheesey ranch, birdie mayo, chick n Morty, pepper sauce


Warm potato salad 5

Mac and kimcheese 5

Super Slaw deluxe 4

Waffle fries 4
Bop style +3


Todays Slab pie, tons of clotted cream 5

Todays Sunday- flavor of the week 7